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January 22 2002
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[Sue called her sister, Liz, after the incident with the Titanium Moose. Following is an excerpt from that conversation. Liz's comments are in italics.]

...So he had rubber bands on his ankles?

And he wouldn't tell me why. He even laughed at me for not figuring it out. Okay, so tell me what happened at the cooking thingy.

Right. Well, we lost James somehow. But instead of looking for him, Jami somehow convinced us to stick around the village for this cooking competition.

I didn't know Jami cooked.

Yeah, that's one of the reasons I wanted him to move in when I was first looking for roomates. He cooks, I don't. He makes some weird stuff sometimes, but it's all tasty.

He cooks and does art? Better hang on to him.

ANYWAYS...So I'm like, "fine, we'll stay. James is a big giant red machine and he can probably take care of himself."

So me and Mat and Jami and that Samurai Dave guy go to the big arena. Kinda cool looking, like that Gladiator movie, only without the tigers and swords and stuff.

Loki shows up with wearing this big poofy wig and some funky clothes. He looked like some kind of Canadian pimp. And there were three guys standing on podiums. There was a fourth, but I don't think he was as cool as the other three. He didn't have his own podium.

Sounds pretty weird to me.

Oh, it gets better.

So dumb ass Jami challenges the three of them to cooking combat. And since I don't cook and Mat can't do much unless there's a cpu involved, they give Jami two assistants. One is this big Sasquatch looking guy with a big "A" on his shirt and the other is a skinny dork with red hair and a dumb looking "V" on his shirt.

Sound like super heroes or something.

Well, I sure wouldn't want them to save me. Anyway, Loki busts out the secret theme ingredient. Some sort of funny looking root. And they start cooking away. Now this is the really weird part.

Oh, like this whole thing isn't weird. You have some pretty screwy friends.

Says you "Miss Sassy Pants."

So somehow, the big guy with the "A" manages to chop up the guy with the "V." He chops him up into little pieces!


And then he puts the pieces into some pot! Can you believe that!


I know! And then Jami yells at the big guy and the guy just says, "eh" and continues to chop stuff. So Jami pauses for a second, looks up at the time, realizes he has a few minutes left to cook, and continues what he's doing.


Okay Liz, calm down.


Yeah, I know. It's weird. I mean, it's really weird. But there's more.


Okay, so the time is almost up and Jami and the other guys are almost done with thier dishes when this chick flies throught the window and attacks Loki!

um...do I know you?

Hey, I'm just telling you what happened.

So this chick jumps through the window and pulls a knife on Loki. She's wearing some sort of nifty tunic costume with a pretty cool necklace. And then she starts yelling at Loki, but no one can understand her cause it's like she's talking in pictures, like cute flowers and cute birdies and stuff. Like Mat only talks in binary only with cute stuff.

What have you done with my sister.

Oh hush.

Come on Sue, you have to admit. Things like this don't happen to people. Hell, things like this don't happen!

I know, I know. I know I sound like some science fiction novel on some wacked out web site, but I swear this crap happened.

So anyway...

There's more?

Just let me finish. So anyway, Loki puts up a good fight and manages to cut the girl. She falls to the floor and Loki is just about to finish her off when Mat jumps in and shields her. And then Mat starts saying something to Loki, but I can't understand what he says unless Jami or James is there to translate. I think Loki might have understood because he just nodded.

And then Mat takes off with the girl. Just like that. So of course, I have to run after the guy.

That's one way to get a first date.

Hey, speaking of dates, how are things with your man?

Will you tell anyone.

Duh. I just happen to live with the man I'm going to marry.

Well, you better make sure he doesn't put any of this on his web site.

He knows. I made him promise not to put any stuff about you on his site.

Okay then.

So this one time, this is really cute, he calls me up and tells me he left something at my appartment, a pillow with red fringe. And since I have red hair, he was kinda calling me his snuggly pillow...

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